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If you are a capable adult, your life is your fault. As children we look to our parents for answers and guidance, and we view them as omnipotent. As teenagers we realize the imperfections in people and this realization scares us. We start to blame other things for the reasons we don't feel the way we think we should. Many people never take responsibility for their own lives. Did someone cut you off this morning and ruin your day? Do you say things like "My life sucks because of my job” or “because I'm poor”, “because my parents sucked?” Accept responsibility for your life. Only then will you start to grow as an adult person.

Life sucks? It’s your fault. Stop trying to blame it on everything else. It sounds tough because it is.....


I've seen the light leave my father's eyes
And he dies as he sighs at long goodbyes
He blames his pain on everything but shame
And he dies as he cries and still survives
Who will he ever blame?

An apathetic shrug we blame it on the drugs
But why care it's not you so it seems fair
Just close your eyes and kiss the pain goodbye
Surprise, I lied. The pain survived.
Who will you ever blame?
... ... ..Cocaine

Indifference is the word and we are all absurd
But not you you're cool just pass on through
I see the light leaving all of your eyes
You die as you sigh at long goodbyes
Who will we ever blame?
... ... ..Cocaine

Who will we ever blame?
Will we ever learn from shame?
There's one thing that will never change.


from Brothers' Keepers, released December 3, 2013



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